Last month I got to work on feature, which allowed me to write some fresh code. I knew the core mechanism of the feature could be done using only native types, and container classes, so I kept the class free of dependencies so I didn’t need to write mock objects or anything like that.

Fast forward to last week, and the feature had a few additional points were added to the feature specification. The existing mechanism requirend lots of manipulation of nodes from our object model. I thought I may need to rewrite the class, or atleast add dependencies to it, that would require a mock object to test. But when I sat down and looked at the code, I found a way to do it by keeping the class exactly the same, and just wrote another class, with dependencies that manipulated it.

In the end, I was quite happy with how I avoided adding dependencies to that core class, because keeping core mechanisms free of dependency makes them easier for others to understand, and easier to maintain. I wonder if I was given the revised spec at the beginning, whether I would have distilled to core mechanism in to its own class, free from dependencies on other classes. Probably not. I will probably try an extra bit harder to see if there is a way to split dependency free classes off of classes in the future.

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07 May 2012